Once, a man in a sauna told me “Home is where my wife’s toothbrush is”. I think I’m beginning to get it. When I was far, I thought home was a country. My own very determinate set of geographical co-ordinates that indicated the appropriate climate and its people, with their history, their incongruences, their lacks… … Continue reading

There and Back again…

The Wheel is ever moving and here I find myself back again. I’m back home, after living somewhere else for over a year and returning to the Dark Side of the Wheel, now the bright Summer Sun shines over me and marks me as His daughter by leaving traces of gold and tan in my … Continue reading

~ Mandalas of May ~ Mon. 20th: All our eyes

  Today’s Mandala: All our eyes All our eye shades hide naught but the same souls underneath. We’re only souls having bodily experiences and we all come from the same Source. Call it what you will. We are all the same. Be kind. Love and shine as bright as you possibly can, because that is … Continue reading

~ Mandalas of May ~ Sun. 19: Dragonfly

  Today’s Mandala: Dragonfly Lessons from a Dragonfly by Ruth O’Neill A dragonfly accepts its brevity of life With its gossamer wings feeling the breezeFull of freedom it watches our joy and our strifeIts wisdom learned flitting from water to air to treesWith wings that shimmer showing purpose and duty Obedient to all of life’s changes in … Continue reading

~ Mandalas of May ~ Fri. 17th: Kaleidoscope

  Today’s Mandala: Kaleidoscope Refractions and reflections put us into perspective. All the changing shades of us, all the vortex of colours flicker and frolic around our centre. Our situation is never the same. Every turn of events generates a new picture that will never ever be repeated, in all of time. Cherish each turn. … Continue reading

~ Mandalas of May ~ Wed. 15th: Subatomic

  Today’s Mandala: Subatomic We are all made of little parts. Little parts that make a harmonious whole. We are a body, a mind and a soul. Nourish all of them and don’t forget to keep the balance. Cherish them all, because the lack of one might make the bigger picture stumble. Blessings and Light … Continue reading