Perspective and awakening to the fact that I do not walk alone…


It’s curious how once we start walking, we may focus so much on where to step that we forget to look around. 

I suppose people around you are either aware of things or they are not. Or they don’t want to be. If I was to discuss my paganism with my two best friends, one would get really uncomfortable and the other one would snort. I did mention my inclination towards tarot, thinking that I really need to get more practice on it if I wanna get better, and again one said “Oh I read a book once, are you charging? I could do it too…” and the other one smirked and said “I bet people are gullible enough to fall for that”.

I didn’t like either response. I felt like anyone could do it by just reading a book and even though I am trying to get some proper training, I was still going to be ripping people off. That is not what I want.

I am studying some counselling and I would love to apply their guidelines to the work I want to do with my tarot readings and meditation. 

  • Beneficience: “I will at all times try to do you good”
  • Non-maleficience: “I will try to the best of my ability not to harm you”
  • Veracity: “I will speak the truth”
  • Justice: “I’ll not pass judgement, I will treat everyone equally and be fair”
  • Confidentiality: “I will not disclose what we have discussed in this safe environment”
  • Autonomy: “I do not give advice or directions, you are responsible for your own decisions and actions”

With that in mind, I stick to what I set out to accomplish. Step by step, delve into my spiritual self and see the universe around me with special eyes, my own eyes.

Funny how before I started feeling egotistical about it, someone else sprung up with the same outlook on things as me. I am far from considering this a coincidence, but I am still very much in “the broom closet”. I am still very glad to have discovered lots of similarities with this friend and how she is more experienced than me, but I seem to have some other ideas and bases to bring into the concoction. I am more than thankful our paths collided this time, and I am pretty sure we’ll both learn a lot from the other one.



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