A little bit of Research #1: Feri Tradition

Let’s face it, Faeries are cool. When I started my path, particularly being drawn to Wicca, I didn’t know there was a whole tradition devoted to them. I got some questions from a fun Wicca course I am following at the moment, and I decided to share my findings here.

This is most definitely not the path for me. At least not purely. It does have some interesting ideas and bases, but there’s too many things I wouldn’t share for me to actually affiliate. I still think I’ll end up a Hedge Witch or Ecclectic Solitaire, but it is very interesting to see what everyone else is at.Image

Feri Tradition

I found it very interesting that this Pagan tradition does not fully adhere to Wicca since it doesn’t share the Wiccan Rede or the Three Fold Law. It has it’s own form of responsibility.

The tradition’s founders
Victor and Cora Anderson are the original founders. Other remarkable figures are Starhawk and Gwyddion Pendderwen.
Victor was a shaman and a poet, who was left accidentally blind from early life. He found Cora, a hedge witch famous for her Pagan Rosary, in this plane during Beltane 1944, and were married three days later as she realised they already knew each other from an Astral plane.

Where and when it started
Victor claimed to have been initiated at a young age by a small dark woman he found (or was lured into, depending on the versions) in a forest clearing. Through sexual initiation, he temporarily regained his sight and was blessed with a vision of the Goddess and the Horned God. He was told he would be found by other witches like him.
He officially started initiating people into the modern Feri tradition around the 1940’s, in the US west coast.

Where it’s based and currently operates
As I mentioned, it started in the US but it seems to have spread around the world, more prominently to Wales and other parts of the UK.

What its specific systems are
It seems to be that there are few specific practices as it is a tradition based on “energetic experiences”, which may be through sex and substances, depending on the individual. It’s said that not even founder Victor Anderson kept the tradition the same, but adapted it depending on the initiate.
They do have two pentacles which sum up several of their beliefs. The Iron Pentacle, formed by Sex, Pride, Self, Power and Passion and on the other hand the Pearl Pentacle formed by Love, Knowledge, Wisdom, Law and Liberty.
They also recognise three souls. The Talker, which would be equivalent to the psycological term ‘ego’; the Fetch which would be the Id, and the Holy daemon which corresponds to the Superego.

What goddesses and gods it uses
Their main goddess is the Star Goddess or God Herself. She’s an eternal, unchanging being of absolute and void.
Then there’s the Horned God or the Blue God, also known as the Peacock God. He is the combination of the Divine Twins, who represent all dualities. They are consorts to the unity represented by the Star Goddess and can be any combination of things such as, brother and sister, two male lovers, a male/female couple, or even two enemies.
FInally, there’s the Feri Guardians, which are seven entitites representing the seven directions: north, east, south, west, above, below, and center. These are summoned in rites and can be observers or active participants.

Whether or not it has a degree system
I do not believe it does. It does however have a single initiation rite, covens and a Grandmaestre, appointed by Cora Anderson before she passed away.

Whether it has any tradition publications
Other than some books by the Andersons like Lilith’s Garden by Victor or Fifty Years in the Feri Tradition by Cora, Spiral Dance is probably one worth mentioning. It is the best selling book of paganism, written by Starhawk. There also is The White Wand, written by the current Grandmaestre of the Feri Tradition, Anaar.



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