Trying something new: Spirulina

Having a depressed immune system can be a drag. I take good care of myself, but not having a spleen means longer colds and more likely to have flu. Being my first true winter in the North, I felt I could use with some help.

I did some research before just jumping into Holland and Barret and getting this alien-looking algae powder.


Looks horrid, but it doesn’t taste bad at all with some orange juice, and I’ve read it’s also good with pineapple and banana. Will try and report back.

Nothing about it is scientifically proven, but I do believe, as with many of these things, that scientists can’t be arsed and trusting the natural options has lots to do with its results. So I decided to give it a go.

Spirulina is a type of blue/green algae that is grown specifically for consuption and is said to have multiple benefits, including boosting your immune system. It is a rich source of many vitamins such as betacarotene, B12 vitamin, folic acid, iron and proteins which are around 70% of its gross weight.

Taken, say, half an hour before meals, it seems to diminish your appetite being that it contains lots of fiber.

It is said it was also used in the past by Aztecs (it is original from South America and China) as a cure for insomnia as well as hair loss and to increase sexual desire.

It does not seem to have bad side effects unless you suffer from gout or phenylketonuria, but then again, it’s algae… how bad can it be? Anyone ever tried it?

I’ve only just started trying it out, I’ll post more as and when.



3 thoughts on “Trying something new: Spirulina

  1. We have just introduced a Superfood range to our website with Spirulina being one of the products launched.
    There are fantastic health benefits associated with the product, due to it being packed with vitamins and minerals and its high protein content.
    Glad you find the taste not too bad, it can be a bit hit and miss with some customers loving it, and some finding the taste unbearable. We have a smoothie recipe on our Spirulina page for those who wish to disguise the taste.

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