The Very Inspirational Blogger Award

Morrighan at The Enchanted Solitaire, thought I was worthy of this award and for that I thank her.


It’s a big part of what this blog is, to inspire, and to be honest, having reached one person enough to consider that makes it worth it. Just one.

If any of my pictures makes you smile, if any of my thoughts bring about another one in your head, that makes my day. It makes all the difference in the world.

I very much thank you, Morrighan, for sharing this with me.

Apparently, the rules of this award involve thanking the person who nominated you (as if I wouldn’t anyway, teehee!!), tell seven things about yourself, and finally nominate 15 more bloggers.

Having already complied to the first step, here’s my seven things:

  1. I was very sick when I was 14 and as I underwent dangerous surgery, I had an early awakening to how close death is to all of us regardless of our age. I’ve had a new, very different approach to life ever since. My blood condition has been under control and I have been healthy for 7 years now 🙂
  2. I am addicted to sugar. Severely so and it’s something difficult to fight being so accepted in society. I blame my mother for giving me chocolate milk since I was 3 months old… but it was also my fault, she counters, because I just didn’t like breastfeeding or milk at all! I still don’t like plain milk to this day. I’m trying to cut down my Haribo Starmix and chocolate intake for honey and fruits, but I’m failing miserably, while blaming it on Britain’s tasteless fruits compared to South America’s. I am drinking apricot and honey tea and having a chocolate muffin right now.
  3. I am a very empathic person. I catch drifts of people’s energies before they even notice it themselves. I need to work on my emotional and energetic boundaries not to be affected big time by everything around me. Still not quite there, but I hope to learn in time. I am quite scared of what I might be able to do if I learn to make the best of this “ability”. I was told I was also a “cleaner”, meaning I could rid things and people of bad energy, but again, I still know/have trained nothing of that. Will try to, eventually, but I am quite scared.
  4. I haven’t yet decided what I am to do with the rest of my life or what my priorities are. I am juggling starting a new career as a counsellor, here in Scotland or going back to my old teaching profession, starting a family and moving back to South America… I wish I could study back home while having a family but the career I’d like is not available where I am from.
  5. I didn’t have skin problems or was self-conscious about my weight until I moved to Europe. It’s amazing how I thought this couldn’t possibly affect me, because I am aware of how ridiculous today’s imposed models of beauty are, but it did, despite all my efforts. My dad going on about how fat I was all my life must have helped. For the record, I’m just chubby.
  6. I have been very homesick recently. Specially when it’s so cold here and my body is thinking it should be summer time. Proper summer, not like what we had here in July and August, which could have been a pretty cold spring back home. I miss the sunshine. Real, hot sunshine, not this nimby-wimby one.
  7. Harry Potter Books changed my life. They made me learn more English, introduced me to my best friends, opened the door for me to come to Edinburgh and still keep enlightening me about the changes and expectations in life, human relationships and the world around us. If I were to meet JK Rowling, I would probably break down crying, fall on my knees and blabber “thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou” as I hugged her shins. I am a fan.

Here are my nominees, in no particular order:

  1. Chris, from 100 days of Yoga for Happiness
  2. Storybook and Piper, from Every Magical Day
  3. ZenMushroom, from Metal Gaia
  4. The Purple Broom, from her namesake blog.
  5. Vix, from Magical Mutterings
  6. Emily, from Wyrd Anglo-Saxon Priestess
  7. Amy, from Amy Van Gogh’s Ear
  8. Ariadne, from Cauldron and Brew
  9. Patchouli Autumn, from Mindfully Wiccan

I owe 6 more inspirational blogs, but I kind of wanna think about them a bit more. Will get back to you on that 😛

Thanks again, Morrighan, you’d be in that list as well.


2 thoughts on “The Very Inspirational Blogger Award

  1. I think it’s wonderful when bloggers get together to recognize one another. It’s a great thing to be able to share your interests and beliefs with others who feel the same 🙂

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