Moon Cycles and the passage between Samhain and Yule


Full Beaver’s Moon has set me back in motion.

I still find it quaint how much it affects me, how much my energy fluctuates and how much I get distracted and flicker into “urgent” things in my everyday.

I wax and wane and yet I shed light. Or at least I try to. 

It’s hard with no sunlight, only a few hours, and a cold I’m not used to; but I will not let it be my demise. It’s funny how between Samhain and Yule, with no God to keep the motion, it feels as if the Wheel has stopped turning. I know it hasn’t, but it feels so… lonely. So empty.


I await eagerly the rebirth of Our Horned God. Specially since this one is said to bring about so much change.

Blessings and light



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