Tarot Spread: The Manor

I found this spread while dully flicking through my Facebook news feed, by The Craft of the Wise.

Overview: The Manor is a 9 card spread used for general readings. It represents a house of nine rooms and each room represents a different area of your life.

S. Your Signifier

  1. The Attic- The general atmosphere around you.
  2. The Kitchen- Matters within your control.
  3. The Library- The Past
  4. The Solarium- The Future
  5. The Home Office- Money and Material Matters.
  6. The Master Bedroom- Your Hopes and Fears
  7. The Dining Room- What you expect.
  8. The Foyer- What you do not expect.
  9. The Basement- What is sure to come.

Directions: To use this spread choose your signifier and place it on the table before you. Shuffle and cut the cards as usual, then deal out the first nine cards as indicated in the diagram above. These nine cards can be read alone for a general reading, or early in one’s day for a daily reading.
However if you want a little more depth to your reading, you can deal out an additional 18 cards by starting over at number one again dealing out nine cards, then repeating the process by dealing out an additional nine cards from one to nine again. This will give you three cards for each room. Alternately you can deal out three cards at each position at the outset, it is a matter of personal preference.
Now, if you want to go even deeper, the three cards in each room can be read from left to right as Physical, Mental, and Spiritual. Just as a person’s mind, body, and spirit are connected these corresponding cards are connected as well. As you can see, this simple spread can be used on various levels depending on your needs from a quick general reading to more in depth readings.

Just tried it, for my first full-deck reading (yay!) and with my new Osho Zen Tarot (First deck I own, made its way to me, I didn’t choose it but I am learning to embrace it), and I thought it was really good and to the point, including a bit of everything as well, and when I wanted to add to any of the “rooms”, I just did the three card thing to give me detail. I will definitely be using this again, hope it works as well for everyone as it did for me!
Want a wee insight of me? This is what I got. Would love to hear some conclusions on it, since I only got my own ‘starter witch’ ones…
S. Your Signifier – Page of Wands (I chose it by narrowing down the Court Cards and Major Arcana to the ones I thought could fit me best and then just shuffled them and picked a random card. Thought it was quite fitting to this moment for me)

  1. The Attic-  The Hierophant
  2. The Kitchen- Strength
  3. The Library- 7 of Swords
  4. The Solarium- 2 of Cups
  5. The Home Office- The Moon
  6. The Master Bedroom- The Hermit
  7. The Dining Room- Ace of Wands
  8. The Foyer- 3 of Pentacles
  9. The Basement- 5 of Cups

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