About Tarot, opening up and being in the right place at the right time…

My energy’s been feeling quite stagnant lately. I need to do lots of cleaning and airing and moving things around to see if I can pick myself back up. But it’s so hard to take the first step! LOADS of Dragon’s Blood incense are doing the trick for me.

I’ve been very homesick, specially after looking at flight prices to go home and seeing I can’t possibly afford them. I keep wondering why I came to Scotland in the first place. To get away, to be with my friend, to enjoy the city of Edinburgh, to enjoy the energy that is here… But I still miss my home, my family, my old friends. I miss the food, the weather, the way of life, the beaches! I wonder why did I come at all… and then it strikes me.

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a new friend, a very luminous, lovely woman (i was going to say girl first, but no), as we went for a walk through Edinburgh’s Botanical Gardens. We looked at the trees, the flowers, the squirrels, feeling the leaves as we walked by and chatted about this and that. It led to a couple of confessions on my side and then she came out and said she was expecting. She hadn’t even told her parents yet, but for some reason, she decided to share this with me.

After that, perhaps a week or so, my other friend confessed me about her contact with what she believes to be an Angel and how she forged some kind of connection with him. She said I have my own and it’s dying to talk to me. We’ve been doing a few tarot readings together and I love the way we mesh for this type of things. I even did my first tarot reading to a person I’d never met before and for him it was scarily accurate. I was still pretty self-conscious, but my friend was there to support me.

I want to open up as well. I have decided that I am now starting to promote tarot readings in Edinburgh. I’ll start doing them with friends of friends first and working on donation, but then I intend to do ‘strangers’ *gasp* If you know anyone in the area who might be interested, drop me a line!


Blessings and light



2 thoughts on “About Tarot, opening up and being in the right place at the right time…

    • Thank you, Kristin 🙂 though I’m more scared than excited to be honest. I’ll definitely be keeping you up to date with all that’s going on. Thanks for reading as well!
      Blessings and light )0(

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