Yuletide Blog Festival: Krampusnacht


Dec. 5th Post!

This night, december 5th, is Krampusnacht or the Night of Krampus.

Krampus is a macabre figure, counterpart to Saint Nicholas, who punishes naughty children in Germanic folklore tradition, and  of course, as most macabre figures in christianity, it looks a lot like our beloved Horned God.


Krampus seems to mean “Claws” (Sandy Claws, anyone?), and he has some nice wooden sticks with which he beats up naughty children. He is the one who hands out coal, wearing a sheepskin, in his goat-like legs and demonic horns. If the child is really bad, he might carry him or her away in his bag.

Apparently, his rage can be assuaged by strong liquor, preferably  Schnapps. He is, though, for some reason referred to as an Incubus (Ask Wikipedia) which I find very out of place in this case, since no other reference to sex is made related to the Krampus. Oh… EDIT! BlauSternSchwarzSchlonge has posted about it as well (no big coincidence) and apparently he goes on to seduce their mothers. I wonder if he does that only to the mother’s that’ve been good? Tee hee!

Christianity has emphatically banished this figure from their Festive Season, because, well, obviously… “they don’t do that” *snorts* Yet Santa comes from the same background and that is acceptable. I do not understand and I think I never will how basing their whole religion in fear and punishment they turn their back on Krampus. Growing up christian and all, still not getting it. But I was never particularly clever anyway.

Maybe is the spirit of Krampusnacht speaking through me tonight 😉


In his Honour, here’s the recipe for a little cocktail that I found very appropriate for this date.

Naughty but Nice Milkshake (A Cocktail Recipe for Krampus and Mums awaiting him)



1/2 measure of Disaronno Amaretto

1/2 measure of Peach Schnapps

1 measure of Amarula Cream

1 measure cream


Shake all the ingredients together in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a topping of chocolate shavings.

Blessings and FUN!

and Sweet dreams, little children ❤


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