Christianity Slaps… ever had one?

Wow… I’m finding it still hard to swallow what I’ve just read.

I was browsing over the blogs with the tag ‘Wicca’ and run into one that somehow didn’t look like it followed the lines of the rest of them. I did as my curious nature bid me, and went in to give it a read. She started talking about a book someone recommended and how it went on about yoga and body-piercing being invitations to satan into your life. I was getting more and more shocked thinking ‘wow, next paragraph she is going to say how shocked SHE is of all this!’.

I think I felt my jaw dislodge and hit my lap when she said she fell asleep with the book open and suffered nightmares because of “being tormented by demonic forces”. Thank her God, she awoke at half three am and prayed herself out of this horrifying experience.

I feel so… ugh… I don’t want to be judgemental, really, and I don’t want to be discriminating in any way. I know and love many christians as I do everyone in many religions but REALLY!? Yoga leads you to satan?? Having someone in your family slightly related to freemasonry makes you more prone to rape someone? Are we back in the 17th century??

Perhaps we never left it…

This person seems to be some sort of counsellor, so, vulnerable individuals turn to her to seek comfort and as a counselling student I find this revolting. Forcing your own medieval judgements on others and “encouraging readers to check their lifestyles and influences” to make sure there aren’t any open doors through which “the enemy” might come in… I am speechless.

I honestly feel terrible for this person. I wish they could see things like I do, how wonderful it is to connect with your body through breathing and how good it feels. How much healthier you feel. Or how we pagans see nature and divinity and accept everyone’s ideas of it. How I see their God as also mine, as part or faces we put into a divine force that knows not good or evil.

But I bet she feels the same way about me, right? How I live in sin and spread darkness and maladies in the world and will probably burn in hell for all eternity… despite I was baptised when I was a few months.

I was going to leave a comment there, but I dared not. I was going to link to it, but again, I dare not. It isn’t my place to say anything about their beliefs, even if they are going on about mine, right? I have no idea what this person was thinking taggging her post “wicca”… Was she trying to reach some of us to “save us” or just to take the mickey and see if we got mad and posted something she could use against us?

I felt tempted to. Because I felt attacked. This is the first time this happens to me since I’ve started blogging and somehow it’s breaking this safe environment I saw WordPress as. With what disgust and irrational fear she referred to beautiful things such as Reiki and acupuncture! Things that only want the best for everyone in every aspect of their lives, relieving them of burdens and easing their existence… I dunno what it is, but I feel like I’m colour blind trying to solve a Rubik’s cube. It looks all the same to me! Don’t we all want what’s best for each one? Isn’t everyone fit enough to decide what’s good for them and what’s not?

And linking everything to that abominable absolute evil! I wonder if she’s ever met yoga instructors, because I feel most of those I’ve met are luminous, loving individuals!

I don’t know what else to say. I need comments on this, please! Anyone there to give some advice on how you deal with this sort of slaps?



4 thoughts on “Christianity Slaps… ever had one?

  1. People are on the level that they are. They cannot grow up at once, some are just stuck for the rest of their lives after school.We might have been like that. When I was 5 and I disliked someone, I would say that ‘they smelled’. …
    Perhaps 🙂 satan smells (-: too … ???

    • It is just as easy as that, but at the same time, so difficult. I have so much to practice yet to be who I want to be.
      Thank you for your insight, David, your two words mean so much more than my whole rant.

      • Your rant is fine – it’s a good inquiry. And compassion is very difficult at times. Because we have to identify with the other to practice it. And sometimes we just can’t – or really, really don’t want to – see ourselves in the other. So sometimes the hard ones are hard because they hit close to home. Ram Dass said – The next message you need is always right where you are.

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