Back to Middle Earth

I was supposed to post for the Yule Blogging festival yesterday, two posts! Have to admit I am feeling a tad guilty but here’s my reasons why I didn’t.

The Hobbit was out last night.

I used two different tones of foundation, got my hair stuck on liquid latex, and took a good two hours to try and fancy myself into some sort of elf. I wanted a “natural look”, sort of a normal person, except I am an Elf. 

This is what I accomplished.

Elf Lumina


Funnily enough, people wouldn’t notice the ears until someone pointed them out. Only one girl in a Hufflepuff scarf (It had to be a Puff to recognise another!) waved at me and tapped her own “human” ears at me with the broadest grin.

Without spoilers, I have to say I loved the movie. Very faithful to what the book is, with lovely add-ons that bring our beloved Middle Earth to life as it was always in our hearts. It brought back many memories, not just from being read the Hobbit for the first time (aged 7), but also from the other LOTR movies and The Lost Tales. It was like seeing old friends after a long time. The opening music alone just makes me smile and transports me to the Shire.

Dwarves are given that light in which you can really appreciate them. The dynamics of the Company of Thurin are brilliantly portrayed (not to mention Fili and Kili are HOT) and Gollum is just harrowing. Characters are just as I saw them in my mind. Peter Jackson should get out of my head already.

Of course, haters are gonna hate, but I enjoyed it enourmously. It wasn’t slow for me, like some of my less fanatic friends claimed or too long. I thought every detail was given the attention it deserved.

This is only the opinion of someone who grew up dreaming of being between those pages, living unexpected adventures. It should by no means be taken as an actual review or attempt to review anything.

Now, back to our regular posts.


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