One lovely Blog award!


This time I must thank Sammi from The Life and Times of a Forever Witch, for thinking of me and my little blog. Sporadical and rambling as it is, it feels good that someone else other than me enjoys it. I am again honoured and humbled to receive my second award, and specially seeing the other blogs Sammi chose along mine. They are all brilliant! Make me feel all more special hee hee. Thanks again, Sammi!

Rules say 7 things about me and nominate 7 more people. But to be honest, Solstice is just past, and I don’t have enough energy for that. So I’ll do one and one. It is called ONE lovely blog award, so I’ll just pick one. And share one thing about me.

I’m such a rebel sometimes… (that’s not the ‘thing’ about me).

Continuing along the loveliness lines, I want to say what I find loveliest in this world are children. Their innocence and spontaneity, their quirkiness and how they are not embarrassed to try and do what they feel like, their endless creativity and curiosity. I envy them and love them and cannot wait to have my own. At least two.

For One lovely blog, I’d like to pass it on to Kristin, for her blog in She has indeed a lovely blog and even by visiting her homepage, with a lovely, uplifting design, or just browsing her last six word posts, she has as of late unfailingly managed to put a smile on my face. Thanks for that, Kristin, and keep it up.

Blessings and light, everyone!


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