I’ve had the feeling that serendipity has been a great part of my life since I finally left home.

It’s funny somehow when people ask me ‘Why Edinburgh?’ and instead of going to a cryptic description of why I came here, I just go ‘Why not? The wind was blowing this way’.

I am free. I make my own choices, good or bad, they’re mine. The ones that I make with my eyes closed, my lungs full and my heart open have been the best so far.

I was not looking for my spirituality, but I found it. Today I said to someone I’d just met ‘I’m Pagan’ and it felt fantastic. The reaction was ‘Oh how interesting!’ and a very pleasant conversation.

I was not looking for life-long friendships, but I found them as well. Funnily enough, one of them started with a girl walking into the shop where I work some three times to see a blanket and after a couple of jokes and she finally buying it I just said ‘You’re cool, I’m cool, we should be cool together’. We met in August, she was around for only a month and yet, I got a lovely holiday card with beautiful wishes and an invitation to Canada.

I was looking for a new career, I realised I miss my old one. I don’t particularly enjoy retail work, I’ve met amazing people and I’m learning a new language (Mandarin, crazy as it might sound).

I thought I would stay here for good and not want to come back. I can’t wait to get back to Uruguay. I thought holidays would be lonely, I was surrounded by smiles and warmth.

The winds blow more wildly than I thought. I’m looking further and further into myself and around me, more that I ever thought I would. I’m in love with trees, more than I ever knew. I miss my sunlight, I crave it madly.

Moon’s full again and I’m moving. Stirring, slowly.


The beautiful Reindeer moon helps us remember that we’re all connected to everything around us, to the last leaf clinging to the naked trees, to the howling wolves in the cold winter nights, to the continuous raindrops plummeting from the sky.

We’re all made of the same thing. Born of the same Mother.

The sun is already reborn and so is our year. The Wheel turned again.

My resolution is only one. I’ll smile more, I’ll close my eyes more, breathe more deeply, and open my arms, my mind and my heart to what the new year brings me.


Blessings and light.


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