Digging out from under my own debris…

You blink and things change.

Where did my days go? Why are they not going anymore?

I was doing so well… I enjoyed my writings, it helped me focus and find my self. It always gets harder after a while, and before you notice, deep within your own mind you hit that brick wall. It is only a silken curtain but when you reach to go further, a whole mountain collapses over you.

I’m ok. I will be. I always am.

I’d lost my breeze for a moment… but was it a second or three months? I’m still here.

I just need to stretch, gather my bearings and put myself back in the path. Through briars and thistles. Another crossroad and another decision that sets my life another way. The path outside is as dangerous as the one in my mind.

110 days from now, my days here will be finished. I will return to my origins, but I will not be the same. Someone’s waiting for me, and I am looking forward to it. But it’s all about the path. I am all about the path.

I shall make the path back home beautiful and make myself beautiful through it.

As I will it, so mote it be.

Blessings and Light, Walkers, I am back!Image


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