Tuesday Tarot #1~ Where to start?



Well, this is something new that I’m trying, to keep me writing and to keep me focused on one of the things I like most, and that is Tarot. 

(I had fun making the banner too :P)

As you all know, I’m a beginner myself. I have my decks, which I’ve ranted about before, I’ve read my books, snooped around the internet, found someone to give me some further guidance face to face… and then, ready to start… right?

Ready to start… what, exactly? Reading? Reading properly? *shivers* …charging?!

I had my first paid reading a while ago and it was beautiful. I felt like I really helped someone, he was really grateful and got a bit of cash, yay! I’m no pro, so I didn’t charge full price. Doesn’t really feel right yet, but that’s what it is always about, for me, being comfortable with what I do. Tarot most of all. If you’re not comfortable, it just won’t happen.

I’ll be bold today, and just start off with some advice, if you will, that I came across the hard way. It’s not that I’m endlessly knowledgeable, but I try things and fail most times 😛 So I learn from that, maybe a few others can as well 🙂

Tip #1: Be comfortable!

I’ve mentioned it, but it goes a long way. Sit comfortably, dress comfortably, have comfortable lighting and cater to your needs before starting of thinking of doing any readings. Sounds too basic, but we can forget ourselves sometimes. Either in excitement or concentration on the Querent, it’s key that we are ok ourselves. It happened to me when I was doing a few readings in a row, that after unmentionable amounts of peppermint tea, I really needed to go to the toilet, but how unprofessional would that look? But really, I didn’t want to let it come to the point where I wouldn’t be able to concentrate because of it. Avoid awkward situations by keeping the very basics covered.

Tip #2: Start with what you know, and grow from that. 

Don’t just jump push yourself until you feel ready. In my case, I think I did it right. I read somewhere online (if only I could remember everything I’ve read) that the first month, you don’t do any readings, just look at the cards and make notes on how they make you feel and what their meaning represents to you. Easy and fun, there are no wrong answers there. Then the following month move on to doing readings for yourself. You know yourself (at least a bit) and you know what’s going on in your life, you can make your own connections and see how it works out. At this point, you’re quite acquainted with your cards and once you start giving them your own proper meaning, it’s easier to remember it. After that month, go to your close friends and your family. Pester them to let you do them a reading, most people will agree at least out of curiosity. Starting with people you know, whose energy you’re used to, is easier than with strangers. Finally, find yourself some strangers. Bring your deck to a party, maybe, (check beforehand with the host) and mention it in an offhand manner. That worked for me and was great fun. Be careful with offering free or on donation readings, though. People are bound not to take it seriously or they might take advantage. Of course, some others will be adorable and super respectful, but unfortunately, that’s not usually the case. I got a girl wanting me to go to her party to “entertain” for free, then someone that came giggling and rolling her eyes. You never know, so it’s best done with some previous referencing, at least to make sure your expectations are similar. 

Tip #3: Don’t be afraid of your instincts 

Be daring when doing your readings. If you’re too self-concious, you’ll block your own instincts. I got this querent, male, asking about his relationship, and was getting lots of ‘male’ cards regarding his partner… I was aware of this, but since he didn’t mention it, I was being purposefully vague in genders, not to offend him. When he finally made a reference about it, I relaxed and said I could see that, and he also laughed and said I should have just said so. Same when you get a feeling (and I get this a lot with Court Cards, so hard to read!) that it is a certain person in the Querent’s life, just chance it. Even if it’s not the case, what’s the worse that could happen? We’re all human and we all make mistakes.

Tip #4: Also Listen to the Querent

It’s easy sometimes to focus on the cards so much that you forget there’s a person, potentially vulnerable, in front of you. Listen to what they’re actually saying, ‘listen’ to the feeling behind his or her words. That doesn’t, in any way, mean start asking questions. Counselling uses a term called “Frame of reference”. That means that as a counsellor, you stay to what your client knows and cares about in this moment. Empathise with what’s going on with that person at that time, and name it. Find the answers in the cards for THEM, not for you. It doesn’t need to make sense to you, as long as it does for the Querent.

Tip#5: Be congruent

Congruent comes from some Latin word that means ‘agree’. Another counselling term, it means agree with yourself. Be honest and open. If you don’t know something, check the books or your notes. If you’re getting a blank and can’t read much, say so. If you just have a bad feeling about someone and don’t want to read for them, don’t. Be honest to others, and most importantly, to yourself as well. Know your limitations as well as you know your strengths. 

Well, I hope I’ve made some sense. All this has been meaningful to me when the time came to do my readings, and I think I’ve learned quite a bit so far. Still, miles to go before I sleep, li Frost would say.

Keep practicing, just like I do.

Blessings and Light! )0(



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