Keeping up…

It’s been an eventful week. It’s been taking lots of my energy to keep my focus and my boundaries. My mother and aunt came to visit from across the globe with all the expectations and demands that only family can bring.
It’s been… Interesting…
I feel bad for wanting them to leave me with my own self already, specially considering their language barrier, but my energy levels have just started to rise after this everlasting winter, and they’re draining me again.
Not their fault, I know this. It’s my difficulty with boundaries and taking bad energy from people around me. That’s why I’ve been working a bit more on my meditations. I used to have some fear towards meditation. As if it was this massive deal that you could only do if you took some course with someone who’d been deep into the Himalayas… I’m glad I was shown it is something you might as well play by ear with what feels right for you.
Breathing work is particularly non-threatening and brings about good results for me. Just by counting to ten deep breaths and starting over for a little while, this gives our body a different oxygenation that doesn’t usually get and feels GOOD! Also, if you’re just starting, your head is bound to wander. Don’t beat yourself up about it, gently direct your thoughts back to the count and the breathing. It’s a process of unlearning, so it takes time.
If you give it a try, let me know how you feel; or if you’re a pro, I can always use more tips 🙂

Hope you have a lovely weekend.
Blessings and Light

Oh and I’ve been absorbed by yet another social media. You can find me on Instagram as @luminastorm and on Facebook pages as LuminaReadings. Hopefully I’m not the only one :p


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