Paris, Sculptures and Women…

As some might know, I’ve just returned from a short visit to Paris with my mother, who I hadn’t seen in 10 months. It was just tense enough and there was only one point in which I wanted to shout at her, so it was a good trip. I am still going to share some pictures because they look really good 🙂 I’m usually a crap photographer, so I’m proud of myself.

I have to say, I won’t go on holiday with my mother or aunts anytime soon because we’re very different styles of tourists, but I do think I made the best of the situation, focusing more on staying with my mum and keeping her happy than focusing on the city. 

Yes, I did the usual touristy spots, which are really nice.


Eiffel Tower by night


Notre Dame Cathedral

What I did manage to notice, despite rushing around souvenir shops, is the incredible amount of works of art there. They’re unavoidable, truly impossible to miss. My favourite have always been statues, and I have to say I’ve found many amazing ones in Paris.

The whole renaissance feel, with neo-classical styles is gorgeous… re-reading that, it sounds pompous. I blame my Art History teacher. What I mean is most statues go back to curvy ladies and ancient greek and roman styles; which are my favourites.

Like these ones at the Garden of Tulleries…


The goddess Demeter (and photobombing bird)


Medea and her children


The Goddess Diana or Artemis in Greek Mythology, virgin goddess of the Moon and Hunting.

I started noticing a nice pattern of strong women, which I have to say I loved. It kept going in the Gardens of Luxembourg, where I found a lot of French queens depicted.



And also there, my favourite fountain: Fountain of Medici, with a depiction of Acis and Galatea being found by Polyphemus. 



Acis and Galatea

I was quite happy with my findings and I’m usually not comfortable at churches, but my mother wanted to see the Madeleine Church and I’m glad I agreed because it was amazing. I have this game I play at regular churches, where I try to find ANYONE who is not looking like he’s suffering and/or would clearly rather be somewhere else. I usually lose, because they all look constipated at best, but in this church, I not only found many depictions of women… they even looked tranquil and even, one angel, smiling!!


The Smiling Angel


Joan of Arc


Madeleine in the Altar with angels

So I was delighted with these sculptures of women at a central position rather than the usual all suffering and guilt. Don’t get me wrong, guilt was still there as in all catholic churches I’ve seen, but in a different way. It felt better for me, I felt much more comfortable.

To finish with my point, outside the Museum of Orsay, I found the six continents depicted as women. Strong, vibrant and touching like only women can be


Lady Continents


Latin America (…home…)




North America

Let me know if you’d be interested in more pictures, I took zillions and choosing only some to post was very hard!

Thank you for reading!

Blessings and light )0(


3 thoughts on “Paris, Sculptures and Women…

  1. Stunning pictures. My trip to Paris was disastrous at best but the scenery and art saved it. The smiling angel made my day. You’re completely right about the usual constipated look.

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