Preparations for what is to come!

Greetings and Merry meet!

The times to come should be interesting to say the least 🙂

I am very much looking forward to Beltane and the Edinburgh Beltane Fire Festival on Tuesday. Spring is finally beginning to make itself felt here in the cold North and I am indescribably thankful for the sunshine.

My Spring Cleansing is halfway there, now starting the more complicated part after Walpurgisnacht. I’m already on a low-carb, lean and no dairy diet and working out daily (this is so new for me!). I’ve also finally quit my draining, mind-numbing retail job (Good riddance!) so all this extra time is going to do wonders to me. I am a bit uneasy about my sudden lack of income, but being that I’ll be leaving these lands in two months’ time, I concluded my time was a lot more valuable than minimum wage. Savings should keep me well enough until I head back home.



In my recent travels (sponsored by my Mamma), I acquired a colouring book (because I am an awesome adult) of Mandalas. After much preparation and pencil-sharpening, I will add to my daily workout, a daily mandala-colouring. Hopefully I shall manage this, for as long as may goes at least, and keep posting them here and on my instagram (@luminastorm) as often as I can. Very much looking forward to that as well, hope you are too. 



Despite the mirrored imagine for reasons I cannot begin to fathom, I will try posting the blank images of some randomly picked Mandalas before I put the coloured ones up and so I invite anyone who feels like giving them a go to join me in what will be May’s Mandalas. I will post more details on this on a separate post.

The artist, Armelle Troyon, unfortunately has her site only in french, but her works are available in Amazon as well. It’s worth your time taking a look at it.



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