Tuesday Tarot #5 ~ Divination through Tarot: My personal take on it


I was reading about this earlier today and something caught my attention. Divination, comes from the latin Divinus which means from the Divine and Divinare i.e. be inspired by a God.

Tarot doesn’t seem to come into this category. At least for Wikipedia. It is instead listed in ‘Fortune-telling‘; but for some reason that term doesn’t please me for my practice. As Wikipedia sometimes does, it then contradicts itself if you go to the Taromancy page, and calls it ‘Divinatory’. Lots of people fail to see a difference between Divination and Fortune-telling and use them interchangeably (even Wikipedia, which actually points out the difference). Fortune-telling has that ‘pop’ culture stigma and sounds much less serious (and threatening) than divination. Divination, on the other hand, seems to chill the bones of those who don’t fully understand with the misconception of sacrifices and summoning of spirits or go figure what.

I don’t think it’s as bad as people put it.

Taromancy, which is the method of using Tarot cards to gain insight on someone’s past, present or possible future situation, has been used in both ways, I think. You will find the Reader who goes to Hen Parties and reads the bride’s and bridesmaids’ tarot. That doesn’t sound half as  threatening as going to see someone on your own, who will probably talk about something you might not have even confessed to yourself… yet despite the tags, I think both are doing the same thing, to different extents. 

In my case, and I’m sure it will be different for everyone else’s, I believe there is an innate connection with my cards and the divine (in my case, the Mother Goddess) that has to be tapped in order for my reading to be accurate. That doesn’t mean you need to worship my Goddess if you want a reading done by me.

You don’t like talking about Gods or Goddesses? You can call it “energy”, “aura”, “akashic records” or like Carl Jung did in a more scientific term if you will, the “collective unconscious”. Tags are just tags, and the cards are just a means.

The way they present themselves in a spread by coincidence or not, spring interpretations from that link between people (namely, the reader and the querent). If you ask me, what I try to do is make a mirror of the cards, to reflect the querent’s personal state. Hopefully, it will be mostly of what they are trying to enquire about.

I usually ask the person I’m reading for what it is they mean to ‘ask’. I know lots of readers don’t do that, considering it unprofessional, but to be honest, I like giving the querent the chance to ask, if they want to and I usually try and encourage them to share the feelings or ideas they are getting. Not only it helps me pick up on that link more clearly, it helps the querent reassure this and get a better perspective of his or her perceptions.

If you ask me, getting your Tarot read is a little like going to see a counsellor or therapist. You bring your feelings and hope to have someone help you sort them out; though you usually get someone who encourages you to sort them out in the way you seem best yourself.

That’s what I hope to do, whatever the means.


What is your take on it?

Blessings and Light


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