Blessed BELTANE!!

I had the honour of attending Edinburgh’s Beltane Fire Festival this year, after also attending their Samhain parade and ohhh…!

For a solitary still in the broom closet, I can only say “WHOAAAA!!”

There were many people there, probably more than half, that had no idea what was going on; yet the representations were wonderful and the energy sublime.

I’ll try to share it with you, but my old wee phone and I, despite we are not too bad on the picture side usually, didn’t manage to get anything above decent this time.

It started at sundown in Calton Hill, and with some torchbearers came Old Man Winter.



He walked slowly and weakened, and seemed paranoid while expecting the Green Man. Along with him came the Mother Goddess, with her spring bearings, looking forward to meet her consort again.


There was plenty of amazing drumming and dancing while the subjects let their fires of Beltane burn and welcomed their natural callings. The Green Man was stirring with them.



Following the procession and the Mother Goddess was difficult but worth it! She was wonderful and beautiful in her demeanour and greeted everyone with a bright smile.



The drums were reaching a crescendo when the Green Man emerged from the dancing mass of people. He was acclaimed and welcomed by the Mother Goddess.



Together, they teared Old Man Winter to pieces and fed him to the Burning Fires of Beltane, welcoming the reign of the Green Man, for his part of the year!



It was a beautiful experience and I bet even the masses of non-pagan attendees enjoyed it. If you are ever in Edinburgh at this time, don’t miss it!

Blessed Beltane Everyone!



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