~ Mandalas of May ~ Wed. 1st: The Wheel of the Year



So this is no real challenge. I’m making it up, but only as a way to share one of my favourite pastimes. I’m not particularly good at this either, but it helps me relax and in a way, meditate as well.

Mandalas of May is something I am doing myself, and I invite anyone willing to do it along.

I will be colouring and uploading a daily mandala, all drawn by the lovely artist Armelle Troyon, for all the duration of this month. I will post the day mandala, a little explanation of what was going through my head while I coloured it and the mandala I am going to colour on the next day.

So if anyone wants to tag along and colour, you only need print out the uncoloured picture and enjoy a little time colouring it. You can post it later on and link back here, or simply use the tag ‘Mandalas of May’. I’ll be keeping an eye out and hopefully linking to your own blogs so we can see the endless possibilities of the same mandala through different eyes 🙂

Today’s Mandala: The Wheel of the Year


The Wheel of the Year

Being today Beltane, I was thinking a lot about how the wheel of the year turns and how it affects us. I personally change a lot with the weather. There’s one brighter, light side and an oposing darker, more obscure side in everything, not just the year. I wanted to show that in my colouring. Also, even though the exterior may seem chaotic and random, deep down in our cores, everything is balanced and in harmony. We change as the year changes and the battles between light and dark, summer and winter, are always there, in their constant waltzing.


Tomorrow’s Mandala:



Blessings and Light!


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