~ Mandalas of May ~ Sat. 4th: Open



Today’s Mandala: Open



I was inspired by an artichoke today… hehe and maybe the heart chakra. Not to quote Shrek, but we all have layers and I feel my heart is an artichoke. I always found it hard to open up to others and let my true colours be seen. I’ve been hurt before, but what’s the point of not being me?

I need to accept myself and others. I need to embrace all our shades of green, even the dark ones, even the ones that look a bit like snot. I need to practice compassion… which would be really easy if I opened up my core and forego my ego.

Baby steps.

Blessings and Light! May the fourth be with you 😛

Tomorrow’s Mandala:



3 thoughts on “~ Mandalas of May ~ Sat. 4th: Open

    • Good thing artichokes are not brown or it could have gotten very graphic! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, i really appreciate it 🙂

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