~ Mandalas of May ~ Sun. 5th: Spring up!



Today’s Mandala: Spring up!


Spring up!

I must admit I didn’t know where to start today. I knew I wanted a yellow centre and that I needed picking up. So I let the pinks flow, added a bit of transforming purple and hoped my energy raised. 

Today I’ve been truly selfish with my mandala, I just wanted a lift for my self and honestly I got it. I know everyone has lots of things to do during your days, but taking the time to colour a mandala can definitely turn a bad day around. Works when you’re angry for calming yourself down or when you’re not to well for an uplift. I have to say I’m really glad I’m doing this challenge. Hope others can also find the same benefits on them, so I don’t feel so self-centred, doing it all for myself.

Blessings and light!

Tomorrow’s mandala:



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