~ Mandalas of May ~ Tue. 7th: Just a Lily


Today’s Mandala: Just a Lily


Just a Lily

There are some things in life that are just simple. We need to remember this more.

Sometimes, it’s not about the convoluted details that swarm our day to day. Sometimes it’s not about our decisions on the myriad possibilities of shades, or the duality or the complex understanding of a bigger picture… sometimes things are simple and perfect.

This Mandala, with its strong, well-determined boundaries, was just a water lily floating on a pond. That was all there was to it. No wondering what colours to use, no hesitating and doubting. It’s just a Lily.

And I was thankful for that simplicity. And I was happy about it. It made me smile the whole day. Just that. My Lily in the pond.

Blessings and Light

Tomorrow’s Mandala:



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