Tuesday Tarot #6 ~ Aces High


I’ll begin with an offhand comment today. I gave my lovely Shadowscapes deck a twist yesterday and coloured their sides silver ❤ They must have liked it because after the pampering, they’ve been even more straight forward with me. It always surprises me how receptive they are and how much of a difference it makes when you show them a ‘kindness’ of this sort.

In my last few readings, I’ve been getting a ridiculous number of aces that I didn’t use to before. It helped me notice I am quite unsure about how to read them in different situations, so since writing about the Major Arcana helped me so much, I thought I might do the same for Aces.

First thing to say about Aces is that they are very strong and “in your face”. It’s hard not to notice them and as Minor Arcana, that’s saying a lot. They carry lots of energy, but unlike the Court Cards, in them it seems to be pure energy, untampered by human attitudes.

Aces are the strongest, purest form of a suit’s power. They are also, of course, beginnings and new things. They are brimming with untapped potential. Being the number ‘1’ cards in the Minor Arcana, they can be connected to the Magician, in the Major. They are tools in the Magician’s arsenals. They are possibilities in our hands.


These are some general interpretations.

Ace of Swords: This card is about focusing your intellect for problem-solving. Being determinant about an issue or new idea. It’s also about duality, a new idea for a challenging situation could turn up in gain or loss. Depends on how you yield it. It reeks of mental clarity and truthfulness.

Ace of Cups: This Ace is not necessarily about the beginning of a new relationship (although it might be) but also about intuition and acceptance. Loving others and loving yourself. Your heart is on your sleeve and emotions are overflowing. Newness in Cups might translate into uncharted territories of affection and intimacy.

Ace of Wands: Standing proud, the Ace of Wands brings endless energy. Being the source of passion and creativity, it can link to the Sacral chakra and in super professional lingo, sexeh times. Creative outlets and taking risks, all coincide in this card, that marks the beginning of something definitely memorable.

Ace of Pentacles: In the Ace of Pentacles we find the raw materials to make our dreams come true. It’s the beginning of building up something great, some project that will lead to security and prosperity. It’s a call to be practical and move forward, making your needs manifest.

Good readings!


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