~ Mandalas of May ~ Thu. 9th: The Shield



Today’s Mandala: The Shield


The Shield

I’ve come to realise my centres are mostly yellow, for some reason. Yellow feels the brightest and it was my grandmother’s favourite colour. If you had asked me only a couple of years back, I would have said I didn’t favour it much. I love it now.

In this mandala, I felt the need to protect my yellow. The bright colours are my true centre, I feel like a shiny person when I am most in touch with myself and the Goddess. Life, however, has had me be a darker version of that. I’ve had to stay strong and let my blood and passion burn, to light the storm darkened skies.

I haven’t changed, despite the miles I’ve walked and the sunsets I’ve witnessed.

I’m still the same girl.

Blessings and Light

Tomorrow’s Mandala:



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