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~ Mandalas of May ~ Sun. 19: Dragonfly

  Today’s Mandala: Dragonfly Lessons from a Dragonfly by Ruth O’Neill A dragonfly accepts its brevity of life With its gossamer wings feeling the breezeFull of freedom it watches our joy and our strifeIts wisdom learned flitting from water to air to treesWith wings that shimmer showing purpose and duty Obedient to all of life’s changes in … Continue reading

~ Mandalas of May ~ Sat. 11th: Transparency

  Today’s Mandala: Transparency Any colour adapts to any other colour if it’s transparent enough to let its true intentions come through. Let it all shine as it truly is, with subtlety and delicacy. Blessings and Light Tomorrow’s Mandala:

~ Mandalas of May ~ Thu. 9th: The Shield

  Today’s Mandala: The Shield I’ve come to realise my centres are mostly yellow, for some reason. Yellow feels the brightest and it was my grandmother’s favourite colour. If you had asked me only a couple of years back, I would have said I didn’t favour it much. I love it now. In this mandala, … Continue reading

~ Mandalas of May ~ Tue. 7th: Just a Lily

Today’s Mandala: Just a Lily There are some things in life that are just simple. We need to remember this more. Sometimes, it’s not about the convoluted details that swarm our day to day. Sometimes it’s not about our decisions on the myriad possibilities of shades, or the duality or the complex understanding of a … Continue reading

~ Mandalas of May ~ Mon. 6th: Mother Tree

Today’s Mandala: Mother Tree We are all part of a bigger picture. By finding our own true selves, our own places in that bigger picture, we let the energy between us and everything that surrounds us flow harmoniously. The Mother Goddess has a place for everything and everyone, by accepting our place and other’s as … Continue reading

Blessed BELTANE!!

I had the honour of attending Edinburgh’s Beltane Fire Festival this year, after also attending their Samhain parade and ohhh…! For a solitary still in the broom closet, I can only say “WHOAAAA!!” There were many people there, probably more than half, that had no idea what was going on; yet the representations were wonderful … Continue reading

Trying something new: Spirulina

Having a depressed immune system can be a drag. I take good care of myself, but not having a spleen means longer colds and more likely to have flu. Being my first true winter in the North, I felt I could use with some help. I did some research before just jumping into Holland and … Continue reading