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There and Back again…

The Wheel is ever moving and here I find myself back again. I’m back home, after living somewhere else for over a year and returning to the Dark Side of the Wheel, now the bright Summer Sun shines over me and marks me as His daughter by leaving traces of gold and tan in my … Continue reading

~ Mandalas of May ~ Fri. 10th: Spectrum

  Today’s Mandala: Spectrum Pardon the perspective. I have to say it took forever to do today’s mandala but I am so happy with the result. All the colours and shade vibrate so clearly, the broad black lines make them stronger and their harmony just makes me smile. We are all made of every shade … Continue reading

Blessed BELTANE!!

I had the honour of attending Edinburgh’s Beltane Fire Festival this year, after also attending their Samhain parade and ohhh…! For a solitary still in the broom closet, I can only say “WHOAAAA!!” There were many people there, probably more than half, that had no idea what was going on; yet the representations were wonderful … Continue reading

Paris, Sculptures and Women…

As some might know, I’ve just returned from a short visit to Paris with my mother, who I hadn’t seen in 10 months. It was just tense enough and there was only one point in which I wanted to shout at her, so it was a good trip. I am still going to share some pictures … Continue reading

Happy Ostara!

Happy Ostara everyone in the Northern Hemisphere ❀❀❀ May the Light of Spring make your Hopes Blossom ❀❀❀


              I have forgotten to take my time to do that, recently. Fill my lungs, let them empty again, and again, and again. I love my Air. I am mostly Air. I deserve it. You deserve it. Close your eyes now, and take one deep breath. Enjoy it. The … Continue reading