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Tuesday Tarot #7 ~ Your Celtic Cross

Reading over and over in different sources, the Celtic Cross spread has to be by far the most popular one. I suppose we can blame Waite, but it’s quite accessible, for starters like me, to follow its line of thoughts and get quite clear answers. I don’t understand those books that suggest starting with ‘less … Continue reading

Tuesday Tarot #6 ~ Aces High

I’ll begin with an offhand comment today. I gave my lovely Shadowscapes deck a twist yesterday and coloured their sides silver ❤ They must have liked it because after the pampering, they’ve been even more straight forward with me. It always surprises me how receptive they are and how much of a difference it makes … Continue reading

Tuesday Tarot #4 ~ One suit at a time…

Like one’s family and our genes, suits tint a card with meaning. They tingle in our intuition, sometimes with merely a background colour, many links to our lives, feelings and the nature around us. To start, for me it’s key to recognise  correspondences so in my mind, before I even start reading a Minor Arcana … Continue reading

Tuesday Tarot #1~ Where to start?

  Well, this is something new that I’m trying, to keep me writing and to keep me focused on one of the things I like most, and that is Tarot.  (I had fun making the banner too :P) As you all know, I’m a beginner myself. I have my decks, which I’ve ranted about before, … Continue reading

So many Tarot Decks!

Not but a couple of weeks back, I was studying my tarot with no deck of mine. I had never had a Tarot deck of my own. The first time I attempted a reading, I was 13 and my friend got Crowley’s Thoth Tarot. Neither of us really knew what we were doing but it … Continue reading

Tarot Spread: The Manor

I found this spread while dully flicking through my Facebook news feed, by The Craft of the Wise. Overview: The Manor is a 9 card spread used for general readings. It represents a house of nine rooms and each room represents a different area of your life. S. Your Signifier The Attic- The general atmosphere … Continue reading