Tuesday Tarot #7 ~ Your Celtic Cross

Reading over and over in different sources, the Celtic Cross spread has to be by far the most popular one. I suppose we can blame Waite, but it’s quite accessible, for starters like me, to follow its line of thoughts and get quite clear answers. I don’t understand those books that suggest starting with ‘less … Continue reading

~ Mandalas of May ~ Sun. 12th: Mother

  Today’s Mandala: Mother Yellow is the colour of the Mother’s love, to me. Yellow is about giving joy and acceptance, and that’s what being a mother is. It was a touch of serendipity to get the mandala full of hearts for today. Happy Mother’s day to all who are enjoying that stage of Her … Continue reading

~ Mandalas of May ~ Sat. 11th: Transparency

  Today’s Mandala: Transparency Any colour adapts to any other colour if it’s transparent enough to let its true intentions come through. Let it all shine as it truly is, with subtlety and delicacy. Blessings and Light Tomorrow’s Mandala:

~ Mandalas of May ~ Fri. 10th: Spectrum

  Today’s Mandala: Spectrum Pardon the perspective. I have to say it took forever to do today’s mandala but I am so happy with the result. All the colours and shade vibrate so clearly, the broad black lines make them stronger and their harmony just makes me smile. We are all made of every shade … Continue reading

~ Mandalas of May ~ Thu. 9th: The Shield

  Today’s Mandala: The Shield I’ve come to realise my centres are mostly yellow, for some reason. Yellow feels the brightest and it was my grandmother’s favourite colour. If you had asked me only a couple of years back, I would have said I didn’t favour it much. I love it now. In this mandala, … Continue reading

~ Mandalas of May ~ Tue. 7th: Just a Lily

Today’s Mandala: Just a Lily There are some things in life that are just simple. We need to remember this more. Sometimes, it’s not about the convoluted details that swarm our day to day. Sometimes it’s not about our decisions on the myriad possibilities of shades, or the duality or the complex understanding of a … Continue reading

Tuesday Tarot #6 ~ Aces High

I’ll begin with an offhand comment today. I gave my lovely Shadowscapes deck a twist yesterday and coloured their sides silver ❤ They must have liked it because after the pampering, they’ve been even more straight forward with me. It always surprises me how receptive they are and how much of a difference it makes … Continue reading